About us


Christy Brandt

Christy Brandt has over 25 years direct leadership experience in product and engineering teams. She has led teams through growth, large transformations, IPO, and mergers at a diverse set of software and medical companies.  She has a graduate degree in Applied Mathematics, and background in software engineering, sociology, organizational development, and leadership. 

She has been CPO, VP Engineering, and led all development functions at startups and established companies, including Adobe, Blend Media, Corel, Fractal Design, MetaCreations, PredPol, and Tableau.  In all these companies, she led teams through significant changes and helped them reach the next level, in both business and culture.  She has led changes to leadership approaches, mergers and acquisitions, transformation of development practices, and directly managed both local and distributed teams across Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Romania, Costa Rica, and the US.  

She has almost a decade of experience coaching, which she leveraged to build the Tableau Leadership Academy with Dave. Her leadership programs initially served the 1000-person product development organization, and later expanded to serve the Sales and Marketing organizations as well. She brings specialities in a number of methodologies such as 360 tools, team coaching, values coaching, and teaching coaching skills to today's leaders. 

Christy has a soft touch combined with direct communication and willingness to challenge her clients in order to reach maximum results in a supportive atmosphere.


Dave Story

Dave Story has 30 years experience leading product and engineering teams to new levels of success.  He has been GM, CTO, CPO, VP Engineering and VP Product Management at companies including Silicon Graphics (SGI), Allegis, Intuit, Adobe, Lucasfilm, Tableau, and Orbital Insight.  In all these companies, he built great teams and products to delight customers, winning awards for both product innovation and leadership excellence.  

At Tableau, as VP Product Development and Strategic Growth, he advised the co-founders as they scaled from 250 to 1000 in product development, and $100M to $1B in revenue.  He and Christy Brandt created the Tableau Leadership Academy and accelerated the growth and results of over 100 leaders.    

Dave brings a balance of very diverse approaches, melding his thirty years of management experience with his twenty years of Buddhist studies, alongside his passion for self-improvement and deep listening, blended an innate drive for results.